SensCare Clinical

How does SensCare improve quality, safety and security in health and social care?

In the event of an overrun, emergency or critical situation, SensCare will immediately alert caregivers, medical staff or facility managers. This saves time. The family is assured of the safety of their loved ones, regardless of distance.

SensCare facilitates repeated measurements and recording of client conditions, which is useful for caregivers and clinicians. Room and bed measurements are instantly available on a clear dashboard, anywhere and anytime online. This makes it easier for staff to invest more in personal contact with clients and better focus on quality care.

Repetitive tasks are easily automated. Information about changes in the client's condition is sent in a timely manner, even when a physical visit is not possible. Continuous monitoring of selected physiological values and the surrounding environment provides regular health information. This, combined with ambient sensors, allows caregivers, doctors and family to always have up-to-date information. In addition, long-term data increases the quality of care and reduces the cost of treatment.

The system is integratable with other information systems, adaptable to individual client needs. SensCare meets the standards of legislation, technology and security. Its benefits lie in its openness and ease of integration into existing environments.

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