The application monitors vital signs with numerous sensors, such as temperature, blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, oxygen saturation, glucose level and more. The measurements can be done continuously with recorded values that can provide valuable information for caregivers, practitioners and specialists. Once value exceed given limit, the system will send notifications to caregiver who can immediately intervene. The app also provides a clear dashboard with departments, rooms and patient overviews. SensCare will help hospitals in their work and ease the overload of hospitalization requests.

Many sensors from renowned manufacturers are used

and we are working on integrating more


Digital tonometer.


Thin and flexible stick-on thermometer, placed under the right armpit helps to continuously monitor temperature.


Blood sugar monitoring system.


Compact and comfortable adhesive thermometer.

Heart rate and advanced ECG analysis

ECG monitoring anytime, anywhere. Compact and easily transferable device, suitable for use even while walking and working.

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