SensCare helps both in households and in social and medical care.

SensCare Home

The SensCare Home system is available for home care. Using the mobile app, you can measure and record physiological values, and add notes for example, about the load or the psychological state of the individual. A web interface is included too, where long-term reports of the measured values are available. Also available is the possibility of sharing access to the measured values, for consultation with a doctor or a caring loved one.

SensCare Clinical

For use in institutions such as hospitals or social service homes, the SensCare Clinical is the right choice. This complex solution provides for many patients distributed in different beds, rooms and wards. There is also a structure for creating access accounts with adjustable permissions for nurses and medical staff, or the patients themselves or their relatives. All with absolute security of patient data guaranteed.

We use various types of sensors from certified manufacturers

and we are working on integrating more


A digital tonometer should not be missing in any home. Monitoring one's own blood pressure, whether as a preventive measure or to monitor the development of a disease, is unlikely to miss anyone of today's adults. Because civilization diseases will get us all sooner or later. Currently, five models from manufacturers Viatomtech and TaiDoc are integrated.


We all got to know the oximeters thanks to the recent pandemic, but unfortunately respiratory diseases have not left us yet. It's essential equipment for patients with chronic lung disease. 

Monitoring of blood oxygen saturation can be performed either in a burst or continuously, which is possible with sensors connected to the SensCare system. They are suitable for long-term monitoring in ring or bracelet form.

Infrared thermometers

This type of thermometer is completely non-contact and not restrictive for the person being measured. They are suitable without age restriction. Four models from TaiDoc and Viatomtech are integrated, including specialized versions for measurements in the external ear canal.

Continuous temperature measurement

The thin and flexible adhesive thermometer, placed under the right armpit, helps to continuously monitor the temperature. This type of measurement is suitable for everyone regardless of age, including toddlers and the oldest seniors. Sensors are washable and disinfectable, with easy application. Tucky and Thermeeno variants are currently available.


Measuring weight with the TaiDoc integrated scale has never been easier. This system allows you to accurately and quickly monitor the weight of family members or patients in all simplicity and clarity.


Valuable tool for those suffering from diabetes or pregnant women at risk. Our integrated ForaCare glucose meter is even covered by czech insurance companies.

Multiparameter sensors

The SensCare system also integrates a multiparameter sensor from TaiDOc - TD-4216, which allows monitoring of blood glucose, blood ketone bodies, blood lactate concentration, blood uric acid concentration, blood cholesterol and blood triacylglycerols. Depending on customers requirements, kits can be supplied to measure only some of the available values.

SOS buttons

In the event of a crisis situation, they enable immediate signalling to caregivers. You can choose the type of button to be used by your needs - either anywhere indoors, or even far outdoors.

Presence on the bed

In collaboration with the BUT, a new device was developed to meet a request from the practice for easy detection of bed abandonment by the patient. This information is particularly important at night when a fall from the bed occurs and rapid assistance and possible treatment of the patient is esential.

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All integrated sensors are suitable for both home and professional use.

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