Assistive sensor technology to ease care giving and insure safety for patients that reside at home
SensCare helps with medical care at home, social services and hospitals

It monitors the condition of people and their current situation using sensors for temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, glucometer and others. It measures, displays, alerts with a mobile or web app, where it records one-time, repeated, manual and automatic measurements over time.

Provide valuable information for caregivers, practitioners and specialists. A modular architecture enables adjustments to the specific needs of medical facility with many patients on separate departments as well as a single person in home care.

SensCare uses various sensors of physiological parameters and combines them with sensors in the person's surroundings (so-called ambient sensors). In this way, it is possible to monitor the risk of falling out of bed, leaving a building or to recieve a signal for help.

SensCare automatically identifies emergencies such as falls, critical physiological values, pressing the SOS button and sends alerts to caregivers. 

Complete solution for permanent care


To ensure long-term, sustainable quality care, it is necessary not only to have a long-term overview of the health status of the monitored person, but also to be able to respond immediately when complications arise. This provides client with better safety, more accessible and higher quality care in their own home.


Various sensors are used to monitor vital functions of a patient and his surroundings. In outer environment ambient sensors are used to detect and report any anomalies. The measurements can be done continuously and automatically, or manually by the caregiver. All values are sent to SensCare system to be stored and evaluated.


The system operates in real time 24/7/365. Immediately upon detection of a defined condition or an anomaly, it sends alerts to designated persons - nursing staff, family members, facility manager, etc., saving precious minutes. Recorded data is then stored for further analysis. Integration with other systems (e.g. HIS) is naturally included, as well as adaptability to the needs of a specific clients and mobile access for attending physician or family. The system complies with international legislative requirements and technological and security standards.


The caregiver receives latest up to date information about client’s health condition. They can rely on prompt notifications of sudden changes or incidents, even when visiting once a day or over a longer period of time. The caregiver benefits from a lighter workload and therefore can focus more on personal contact with patients, professional work, and prioritizing care.

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