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How does SensCare help seniors in their home environment?

SensCare allows seniors to live a happy life at home, without the need for hospitalization or placement in a nursing home. This extends the quality of life while at home.

SensCare increases the feeling of security and safety. If a sudden or even critical situation occurs, SensCare immediately sends an alert to family members or a caregiver. This saves precious minutes.

The family of a senior has the assurance that their loved one is okay, no matter the distance. SensCare can help lonely seniors who are separated from their family by great distances, but also when family members leave home daily for work and other obligations and thus have no oversight and assurance over the situation when the senior is alone.

Continuous monitoring of the necessary physiological values using sensors guarantees regular information about the health status of the senior. Caregiver, doctor and family always have up-to-date information to ensure faster and better quality medication and medical care.

SensCare control does not require the senior's interaction, in some cases only minimally. The senior does not even have to think about whether the system is on. On the other hand, SensCare can automatically alert the senior to remind him to take his medication, take his blood pressure, maintain his drinking regime, etc.

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